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Click on MALE: only men, click on FEMALE: only women, click on BOTH: Both genders are present, unchecked by default you also invite both. Visit our Blog where you will be informed! in more detail.
By checking an age range, only activities, athletes and groups that meet exactly those age parameters will be displayed. More info?
We do not have that option as of now. Our current default option is English. We're making up a new version with severals languages.
We have prepared a document that will help you choose your level in each sport .Visita nuestro Blog!
Keep in mind that the level you choose when creating an activity is from which to higher levels, the proposal will arrive; that is to say if you put that the activity is programmed for MEDIUM, it will reach MEDIUM athletes, HIGH I EXPERT and it will not reach NOVICE. Visit you our blog to inform! more deeply. Try it Yourself »
By default you will always see a list of athletes or groups within a maximum radius of 40 kms. To narrow or increase the search for the radius you have the tool in the form of a magnifying glass that is used for this and also for others to filter other searches. Want more information?
The key that automatically connects you with everyone related activities that are still "on" and with other athletes who have also activated Last Minute. The system does not allow you to create activities the same day, but with Last Minute any unforeseen as an activity without a member or someone who is suddenly available, they can be found. Remember to have My Account-Notifications activated, so that the system alerts you when an athlete is in Last Minute.
It means that you are open to group classes. If you mark GC in a sport by registering it, you will receive proposals from related athletes. If you check Group Class when you fill out the activity proposal form, it will reach those who have GC marking in their sport. This way you will easily find someone to divide the expenses of a class.
Pending: Meeting unconfirmed. Sportpersons are missing to practice.
Opened-Confirmed With Vacancies: The meeting is with the minimums to be held.
Closed - No Vacancies: No more attendees are accepted.
EVENT: It has been thought to gather a group of athletes who are going to make outings as excursions and only need to put the maximum assistants. also for PRODUCT PRESENTATIONS OR CONFERENCES, ETC. EVENT, does not need to put a minimum number of assistants for what appears as: Open-Confirmed With Vacancies, although the maximum of these must be made explicit. It is assumed that the EVENT already has a word of mouth origin and the digital medium is used to expand it. On the other hand
MEETING It is designed for closed games and activities to a minimum and maximum of athletes. It also has an extra option, such as Group Class.
At the time that an activity (Meeting or Event) has been in a Closed-No Vacancy State; that is to say complete but the date has not passed and you want to go, you are able the option of creating a new activity with the same parameters, giving the option to vary some of them. Thus with a comfortable way, you can quickly re-propose an activity that you no longer had the option to attend because it was complete.
It is very important that you mark your colleagues with the favorite star, for the following reasons:
a) You can only chat with your favorites.
b) When you want to create a group you can only add to the group the athletes that you have previously made favorites.
When you create an activity, that same day and time of the week may be a perfect time for you and you decide to save it for yourself. So that you don't have to write down the same thing every week, you can, by clicking on periodic which is always repeated weekly or monthly until you decide to change it.
Keep in mind that you will see the following activity once that of this week or month has been carried out and once the day has ended; in other words, if your climbing activity is for Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., the following periodic activity will be created and it will be seen by the sportpersons, from 0.0 a.m.
In order to your activity proposal reachs only to your favorite sportpersons or one / s of the groups you belong to, you must click on private . Once it's done, two windows will open you to choose. One with your favorites and other one with the groups with which you are going to propose the activity.
Always you have to write down the minimum and maximum number of sportpersons you will need.
When the proposal is launched, the activity is in Open
With the minimum required, the activity will be in Confirmed-With Vacancies (we are already the minimum required to play; but some more may be enrolled) and upon reaching the maximum is Closed-No Vacancies (closed activity. No more athletes allowed).
In both cases, you as the organizer receive the notification that you have obtained the necessary ones to practice.
Radius is also one of the essential variables for smooth operation in lubndub. It is the distance that you are willing to travel to practice sport. Radius automatically informs the system, so that those who organize activities, these ones arrive only to dashboard of sportpersons that are disposal to travel those distance. Ex: if you select 5 kms in Paddle, you will not receive proposals for this sport that are organized more than 5 kms. It's a way to haven't your dashboard full of activities you aren't going. Remember you have a tool to look for activities in any place of the world.
Fill in your profile correctly and you will see proposals appear on your calendar or create them yourself with the (+) tool and these will be displayed on the dashboard of those who have a profile similar to yours in terms of: gender, age, distance to travel sport, sport and level ... that you have noted in the proposal form "meeting" and "event".
The address is one of the parameters by which you will receive or not proposals for related activities, since it is the kilometer "0" from which you are willing to travel each sport. The street map is from the googlemaps database, if any address does not appear in the dropdown, I suggest you put a nearby one or the center of your town or city.  
Suggestion: When you travel, if you would like to practice your favorite sport, I invite you to change the address for the new one that you are going to go and thus your proposals will appear on your dashboard.